Blue spotting on Magic Mushrooms?

Why do I see Blue spotting on Magic Mushrooms?

If you consume or grow Magic Mushrooms, you may have noticed that some of them develop blue spots over time. This is a natural process that occurs in Psilocybin Mushrooms (also know as psilo shrooms). Although it is incredibly common and widely discussed, it’s still unknown exactly why this happens.

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What is bluing and how does it happen?

Both Psychedelic Mushrooms themselves and the mycelium they grow from can show the signs of bluing. Mushrooms may sustain bruising when they’re exposed to the oxygen as a result of handing or manipulation. It is believed that this bruising on a mushroom’s structure, followed by oxidation, may damage the psilocybin. However, there isn’t enough evidence to sustain that fact as of yet.

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Does bluing affect the potency of the Magic Mushrooms?

The bluing of mushrooms (one of its most famous characteristics) confirms that the active compound is or at least was there at one time. While bruises may lower the potency of your psilo mushrooms in some cases, they can also signify the production of the psychedelic effects.

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Do all Psilocybin Mushrooms bruise?

Though some strains are prone to bruising, others never bruise at all. It is also established that a handful of psychoactive strains don’t bruise. The colors of those bruises will differ from the non-psychoactive ones, which are likely produced by a different reaction and different compounds than those found in psilocybin mushrooms

Here at Origin Mushrooms, we are proud of having many high potency strains that will be on either side of the spectrum. For example, our Malabar Coast shows bluing throughout the stem while the Nepalese Chitwan shows no signs of bruises even though both genetics are derived from Asia.


While blue spotting on Magic Mushrooms is very common and occurs naturally, some strains are more likely to bruise.

There’s no evidence that bruising affects the potency of Psilo Mushrooms significantly. Rather, it confirms that the compound that produces psychedelic effects is or was active at one time.

So when you see blue spots on your mushrooms next time, you know what they are.

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