What Are The Benefits Of Psilocybin Edibles?

Magic Mushrooms have been a part of human history as far back as the earliest recorded history, with the first use dating back to 1000-500 BCE. From ancient Greece to Mesoamerica, mushrooms have influenced the course of our evolution and played a key role in our culture.

Traditionally, Magic Mushrooms have been used for rituals – raw or ingested as the tea. Nowadays there a lot more options to choose from, with eating them either raw or as edibles being the most popular one. Depending on your personal preference and the desired effects, you can also microdose them, cook them, or smoke them. Your tolerance, as well as the potency of the mushrooms, can affect the quality of your trip, no matter how you decide to take them. 

Recreational use of Psilocybin Edibles became popular during the 1960s, and today, many different types of edibles are available. Psilocybin Gummies, chocolates, teas, capsules, and bars are some of the edible Psilocybin products sold on the market right now. Edibles enthusiasts can make their own products with Magic Mushrooms, mixing them into baked goods and other recipes

Psilocybin for Personal Use

    • Clinical studies are showing the potential for mental health relief. Studies are showing the potential for mental health relief. Today, Psilocybin edibles have a number of ways to use them in the medical field, and are becoming more popular, accepted natural treatment in clinical settings. The “magic” portion of these plants has been studied for decades with exceptional results specifically for people suffering from mental health concerns, relieving stress, and inducing euphoria.  Magic Mushrooms have often been used to treat conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance addiction. The therapeutic compounds in Psilocybin are still being studied and tested across the globe, so governments worldwide are already looking into legalizing it.


    • Psilocybin Edibles are more discreet & easy to use on the go. Edibles are a great way to consume Magic Mushrooms discreetly as they are less likely to smell and come in a number of products such as Psilocybin Gummies, chocolate bars, jellies, etc. One of the perks of having edibles is that when you take them, it’s not as obvious to the people around you.


    • Psilocybin Edibles help to mask the taste. Not everyone is keen on the taste when it comes down to Magic Mushroom Edibles. Although some people are able to push it through, this does not apply to everybody. Consuming them with an alternate taste such as chocolate may suit your palate more, making your entire experience better. This is refrained by Psilocybin author Virginia Haze, who wrote a cookbook about Psilocybin Edibles. In an interview, they mention that one of the main reasons to start experimenting with Edibles is due to their inability to consume dried mushrooms without vomiting.


    • Start discovering what suits you better! Discovering what’s best for you may take a few attempts but the journey is definitely worth it. With many years of experimentation, we have already been through some of the trials and errors of making Psilocybin Edibles. We’ve learned the best practices to keep the edibles homogenous and doses accurate, as well as masking the taste. We have already gone through the motions so you don’t have to spend any of precious time figuring out how to make your chocolate or gummies with Psilocybin. Ours are tested and proved and we’re happy to share it with you.


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Because there are not that many resources that list the benefits of taking the edibles, we have rounded up some benefits to taking edibles compared to eating raw mushrooms:

    • Psilocybin Edibles are more digestible by your stomach and your gut. When you directly ingest raw Magic Mushrooms, you might experience some stomach pain and sickness. Psilocybin Edibles are much easier to digest and they are not as hard on your gut and stomach. No more nausea, muscle aches, cramping, diarrhea, or headaches. Besides, they taste much better.


    • They are fast-acting & stimulate a speedy recovery. The onset time for Psilocybin Edibles tends to be within 30-45 minutes generally. You are also more likely to experience a more mellow comedown and feel less sick from consuming edibles. If you feel like it’s taking too long for the effects to kick-in, a great tip is to leave the edible in your mouth (works for both chocolates and gummies) and not swallow it for a few minutes. This works by allowing the Psilocybin to enter your body through one of its most absorbent spots (tongue and mouth), reducing the onset of the effects.


    • You can control the length and intensity of your trip. Psilocybin Edibles last half as long as regular Magic Mushrooms. The onset time is also shorter, making it easier to control the length and intensity of your trip.


    • Psilocybin Edibles are easier to microdose. Microdosing has seen a rising in popularity over the past couple of years, which led to people experimenting with different ways of consuming them. Since the majority of Psilocybin Edibles contain 1g of dried mushrooms, it’s easier to control the dose appropriately. At Origin, for example, we offer Gummies and Chocolate bars that are easy to dose accordingly. The chocolates, for instance, contain 3.5g of dried mushrooms in 6 squares, giving approximately 0.58g in each one if they are split. Usually, it’s recommended to microdose every 3 days starting from 0.25g and going up according to your personal tolerance. The dosage is a big factor for medical patients and recreational consumers looking to get exactly what they want from Psilocybin.

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As we discussed earlier, there are a lot of benefits to taking edibles like smoothing your digestion and helping with your gut as well as mental health relief amongst others. Because of how unique the compounds affect each person, it’s ideal that you find reliable sources to keep experimenting and finding what’s best for you, whether it’s in dried or edible form.