They taste incredible

The first thing I noticed was the flavor. If you’ve ever tried psychedelic mushrooms in the past you know that they historically taste terrible. This was not the case with these golden teachers. Admittedly, I think I ate more than I planned because of pleasant flavor. It was like eating veggie chips. I’m not entirely sure the exact dosage but I would estimate I ate about 2 grams based on the experience.

Set & Setting:

Mind: Unprepared. I knew I’d be taking mushrooms soon but, I hadn’t planned to do any on this particular day.

Setting: On the beach at night with very close friends who were also taking the same mushrooms. I didn’t feel pressured but, I do wish I had known ahead of time that this was the plan. I would have better prepared my mind.

My come up was gentle and didn’t experience any gut rot. I also didn’t experience the body discomfort/anxiety I’ve felt in past experiences with other strains.

Due to my setting, I experienced a full spectrum of emotions, mostly positive. They ranged from giggling uncontrollably in the beginning and shifted into periods of introspection. Near the end of the trip I began to sob for the current state of the world.

Considering I broke every personal rule I have about where and when to do mushrooms,  I had pleasant and healing experience. In the days after, I noticed a shift in my general perspective. I was able to confront the aspects of myself that I don’t like and acknowledge them objectively without feeling defensive.

Golden Teachers definitely teach you about yourself.