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The Foundations of Microdosing: Setting An Intention

Microdosing without setting an intention is like setting off into the woods without a map. The journey may prove interesting and sprinkled with new discoveries, but you’ll likely not end up at your destination. Setting an intention before the 30-Day Microdosing Challenge is a vital first step towards seeing lasting shifts in our mental, physical, [...]

Where Do Magic Mushrooms Grow?

Magic Mushrooms grow in various climates and habitats. If you are from a big city, the majority of magic mushrooms that are accessible to you may have been artificially cultivated, such as B+, Penis Envy, Golden Teacher, or even just “Cubes.” Some people like to use brown rice flour with vermiculite. Others prefer to use [...]

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

How To Buy Magic Mushrooms Online? 1: Choose the right Strain of Mushrooms: Determine the strain you want one of the most prevalent species of Magic Mushrooms is Psilocybe Cubensis and you can find a wide range of different strains growing both in the wild and indoors all over the world. Currently, there are over [...]

How Psychedelics may Rebuild Broken Brains

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5 Ways To Avoid A Bad Trip On Magic Mushroom

1. Tripping in the Wrong Setting and with the Wrong Company The surroundings you pick for your trips are as important as the quantity you consume. Tripping in an environment that makes you uncomfortable, distracted, or disturbed might be a trigger for a bad trip. When we are under the effects of magic mushrooms, our [...]

Is Microdosing the New Productivity Hack In Silicon Valley?

According to BBC, microdosing magic mushrooms is all rage in Silicon Valley these days. The new emerging trend comes from the tech-heavy and success-obsessed culture to always stay young and relevant. The Tech world is fixated on coming up with cutting-edge productivity hacks that mechanize its participants' brains and bodies, using all of the tools [...]

What Are The Benefits Of Psilocybin Edibles?

Magic Mushrooms have been a part of human history as far back as the earliest recorded history, with the first use dating back to 1000-500 BCE. From ancient Greece to Mesoamerica, mushrooms have influenced the course of our evolution and played a key role in our culture. Traditionally, Magic Mushrooms have been used for rituals [...]

Blue spotting on Magic Mushrooms?

Why do I see Blue spotting on Magic Mushrooms? If you consume or grow Magic Mushrooms, you may have noticed that some of them develop blue spots over time. This is a natural process that occurs in Psilocybin Mushrooms (also know as psilo shrooms). Although it is incredibly common and widely discussed, it’s still unknown [...]